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What my previous clients are saying. 

Melissa, San Diego

I have worked with personal trainers in the past and have not seen the results that I did with Dr. Jen's program.  It was fun connecting with Jen on a weekly basis to share how the previous week had gone and get the new material for the upcoming week.  She taught me healthy sustainable habits that were easy to implement in my busy lifestyle.  She was supportive, resourceful, and very motivated for me to get the results I wanted.  I feel great and continually keep achieving my goals!

Tina, Irvine

Jennifer is an amazingly wise and inspirational coach.  She helped me bring balance to my health journey. She helped me to realize that saying no was saying yes to the essentials.  Prioritizing sleep, hydration, exercise, with simplified scheduling and clear list building helps me to say yes to my health.  Naturally, the pounds and unhealthy habits are crowded out.  I am making progress mentally and physically.  She's a wonderful holistic health coach.